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The restaurant “Peja” stands for peace, cosiness and enjoyment, not to mention tasteful design and Mediterranean flair. I love nature and life. And I know from personal experience that everyone, no matter how hopeless the situation may seem, can rise up and step into the light. That’s my philosophy in life.

The last few months have clearly shown us how quickly life in the fast lane can come screeching to a halt, which makes it all the more important to be curious. Curious about life and curious about the opportunities that arise.

My parents sparked my infinite love of cooking. I knew very early on that I’m successful when I stay true to myself. Time almost stops for me when I’m having a good meal. Rushing around, the hectic bustle of life, hurrying to meet deadlines, none of it matters when you’re sitting in front of a fine red wine and a delicious risotto. It gives you new-found strength to cope with the stress of everyday life.

The earth keeps on turning. Standing still is taking a step backwards. So I’m always developing myself and my restaurant too. We’ve launched our products. The famous house salad dressing, not to mention the Spaghetti Charly sauce, which has made a name for itself far beyond the town of Lörrach. It’s honest, creative work. I’m dying to make the “Peja” brand even better known. The kitchen’s my lab, and nature’s my testing ground. I’m always learning something new. Dive in, a culinary experience awaits you.



I brought together no fewer than four flavours to create this delight. I tasted and played around with it. I wanted something unusual. The result is the “Charly sauce”, which has made a name for itself far beyond the town of Lörrach. It owes its name to the famous comedian, Charlie Chaplin. For me, it stands for happiness, ease and taking life with a pinch of salt.


Four becomes one: that was the motto of this taste explosion which incorporates a curry influence, just like all of my Charly products. It’s as unusual as it is popular. I created the “Charly minced beef” sauce to make cooking easier for my customers. The meat doesn’t need to be prepared separately. “Charly minced beef” - simply delicious!


Four flavours come together as one here. A real treat, and a definite Must for those who don’t eat meat but don’t want to miss out on this culinary speciality. The “Charly vegetables” sauce consists solely of fresh, regional vegetables. Here too, it’s the curry influence that gives this product that something special. Light and tasty.


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